We are now treating neuropathy.

Full-spectrum service.
Single-minded focus.

The Foot Clinic is built on the best in compassionate care. Every effort is made to treat you so you feel comfortable during your visit. Our office has x-ray, physical therapy, and laboratory collection services on site. The general practice environment provides treatment for all foot and ankle problems ranging from routine monthly care, to fracture reduction and surgical remedy for common foot and ankle disorders. Diabetic foot care education and wound care treatment is a high priority in our practice. A growing part of podiatric medicine—and a personal area of Dr. Zappa's personal interest and expertise—are custom orthotics, sports medicine and work related injuries.

At the Foot Clinic you will find available services covering preventative care, the treatment of chronic conditions, as well as state-of-the-art podiatric surgical procedures. A small sample of the kinds of work we do :

Achilles TendonAnkle InstabilityAnkle Sprains
Arthritic Foot & Ankle Care Athletes FootBunions
CallusesCornsCrush Injuries
Diabetic Foot InfectionsFlat Feet Fungal Toenails
Geriatric Foot CareHammertoesHeel Spurs
Foot Infections Ingrown ToenailsInjuries
MetatarsalgiaNeuromasPlantar Fasciitis
Poor CirculationWartsWounds

For your convenience, additional information is provided in the links above from eMedicineHealth, ePodiatry.com, PodiatryNetwork and WebMD.

WALKS Clinic
Wound And Limb Kare Salvage.

The WALKS clinic will provide out-patient and in-patient care for the following conditions:
Diabetic WoundsIschemic Extremities
Decubitus UlcersGangrene
Diabetic EducationNutritional Education
Varicose UlcersVaricose Veins

The WALKS treatment-based center greatly increases your ability to turn in-patients into out-patients, can reduce length of stay and reduce patient costs. The Clinic treats in-patients and out-patients on a daily basis. Communication between the Clinic and primary care physicians ensures continuity of care.

After treatment patients will be directed back to their primary care physician.

Offering enhanced diagnosis investigations, the multi-disciplinary WALKS team consists of:
Infectious DiseaseGeneral Surgery
Orthopedic SurgeryPathology
Radiological AssessmentsVascular Assessment & Surgery

For more information about the WALKS Clinic
call 312.243.3769. Or visit the website: www.walkswoundcenters.com